Dubai Culture & Arts Authority Design Days Stand
The Brief: Dubai Culture & Arts Authority (DCAA) is a government entity that promotes Culture, Arts, Heritage and Museums within Dubai and beyond. As a supporter of "Design Days" the challenge was to utilize a restricted space in order to showcase the authority's varied mandate across key components. Heritage, Art (Art Season), Literature and Film were the aspects which were to be focused on for the event. In order to develop a space that accommodated these four varied topics, the stand design was conceptualized and built in a way which, whilst informative through touch screen technology, was striking but minimalistic in its design. Using the brand's dynamic and colorful identity based on flowing ribbons, the stand design interpreted these to deliver a look and feel that integrated the ribbons throughout the stand to a central focal point to underline the analogy that these sectors all come to form, and are under, the mandate of the authority. This subtle touch further educated the public about DCAA's role in this sector and further enhanced the brand's standing in the community.
Awarded Gold: 44th Creativity international Awards, exhibition display. 
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