Fedrigoni - Desktop display
The brief was deceptively simple. Create a beautiful desktop swatch book for the premium Italian paper manufactures Fedrigoni. It needed to be a piece of collateral that fellow designers and art directors would enjoy using day-to-day, keeping the papers of Fedrigoni ‘front of mind’ as the stock of choice.

However finding a single minded creative thought that could be successful deployed over 300 paper stocks of wildly different colours, textures, finishes as well as being easily shipped to the end-user was no small task.

The solution came in the form of the vivid colours and the intricate details of Venetian masks, reflecting the opulent brand values of Fedrigoni’s Italian heritage, and the playful tagline ‘The people behind fine Italian paper’. The masquerade theme provide great opportunities to display exotic images, and high-end production techniques such as CYMK overprinting on debossed hot foil, maximising and enhancing the qualities of the paper.

The unique ‘flip and stand‘ display format was a wonderfully simple yet stylish solution to the problem of shipping the finished units. The end-user received the swatch book as a ‘flat-pack’, then flipping back the stand on itself created a sturdy desktop dispenser. Easy.

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