The ChallengeQuilo is a brand of stationery and art equipment recently launched in the Middle East. The challenge was to create an identity that is primarily targeted towards English speaking Kindergarten and school children aged between 3 to 16 but which will also appeal to buyers of office supplies and professional artist equipment. 
The Solution: The Solution was to develop an iconic logo mark inspired by the Q letter form and nib of a quill. A simple logo design that can be positioned to work of multiple target audiences as well as future proofing the brand identity as it expands into new markets.
Awards: 44th Creativity International Awards - Print and Packaging, Gold - Logo, Silver - Branded Campaign, Silver - Retail packaging, Kids scissors
The Quilo Logotype is a registered trademark. Usage and reproduction is by strict permission only 
TVC produced by FINAL TARGET based on the orginal packaging concept
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