Tea - Agency self promotion DM
The Brief: Develop a self-promotional direct mail piece targeting senior FMGC executives in the UAE. The challenge was to put TMH firmly on their ‘radar’ for delivering on the four key offerings of strategy, packaging design, photography and production.
The Solution: The solution came in the form for a personalized presentation box inviting the recipient to ‘Put the kettle on’. Once the slipcase is removed, the agency branding and theme ‘refreshingly good’ is revealed, executed in an elegant visual language of tea packaging. Inside there is a tea box containing four different varieties of tea that echo the qualities of TMH’s FMCG offering. Black tea for robust and strong strategy. Orange tea for zesty and vivid photography. Green tea for light and refreshing packaging design. White tea for pure and uplifting production. The box also contained a branded tea mug so the recipient can enjoy their ‘cuppa’ while reading through the TMH credential brochure. The tea bag tag completes the messaging as the tea brews. For instance, TMH refreshingly good (on the mug)... Strategy (on the tag). We are in the process of sending this piece to over 200 UAE leaders in FMCG sector. The piece has been very well received, resulting numerous new business leads and conversions.
Won Silver in the 46th Creativity International print and packaging Awards 
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